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A3 ‘Sleep Out’ for YMCA

On Friday 28 April, eighty one A3 pupils slept on the astro in support of the YMCA homelessness project.

The YMCA works hard to raise awareness and tackle the hardships of homelessness through various support schemes. In order to raise understanding and much-needed funds, they encourage young people ‘to sleep out for one night so that others do not have to’ and we were proud to support the initiative.

Head of Charities and Outreach Doc Fearnley, commented: “It was a great evening and although the weather was mild and dry, it gave the pupils some idea of how difficult life can be for young people who are homeless.

“The pupils raised an impressive £3,493 with Alice C raising £509 alone - well done! Mr Jones and Mr Donegan came down to judge who had created the best cardboard shelter, and the winner was Maddie, Kitty, Lola and Celia (as pictured).”

 Mr Jones and Mr Donegan chose Maddie, Kitty, Lola and Celia's cardboard shelter as the winning and most creative design, complete with cartoon figures and Nepalese prayer flags.

YMCA organised the delivery of Domino's pizza and provided all the cardboard required for pupils to make their individual cardboard homes to sleep in for the night. Our wonderful Catering Department also delivered hot chocolates later on in the evening.

Alice C in A3, commented: “I really enjoyed the den building, hot chocolate and pizza, and overall, it was a great experience. However, I did also turn my thoughts to the need behind the fundraising and recognised that despite being a bit cold and uncomfortable, we had it easy. This was hopefully the closest we’ll get to the physical discomfort of sleeping outdoors, but we didn’t have to face the fear, despair and sleeplessness of life on the streets.”

With the support and fundraising efforts of A3 families, we hope to make a real difference to the lives of young people at YMCA. Please click here to show your support.