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A2 Charities Weekend organised by Heads of School raises more than £21,000

Our A2 Charities Weekend, organised by the Heads of School, has raised an estimated total of £21,000, following a fantastic programme of events.

The return of the annual Dog Show was a huge success.

The Heads of School, Bryanna A and Oliver S, chose to support Hope for Ghana and PAL (Play and Learn), two charities based in Ghana. They also chose to support two local charities, Dorset Children’s Foundation and Meningitis Research Foundation, for A2 Charities Weekend (25-26 February 2023).

Fundraising activities over the colourful and fun filled A2 Charities Weekend, included:

  • Dance Show
  • Silent Auction
  • House Sponsoring
  • Dog Show
  • A2 Friends and Family Lunch
  • Assassins
  • Promises Auction
  • Badgers vs. Bears Hockey Match.

For Hope for Ghana, the Heads of School hoped to raise enough money to build a solar reverse osmosis machine, aiming to provide a village of over one thousand people with access to electricity and fresh drinking water; two essential human needs which we will be so proud to help provide them with.

Additionally, A2 Charities Weekend 2023 aimed to support PAL (Play and Learn), a charity targeting opportunities for education for young Ghanaian children. The Heads of School hope to provide enough money for a playground for the school ‘University Staff Village Basic School’. This facility would provide roughly one thousand students with a modern environment to both thrive and learn.

The two local charities, Dorset Children’s Foundation and Meningitis Research Foundation, both have close connections with the wider Bryanston community.

Live music performances across the weekend.

Head of Charities and Outreach Doc Fearnley added: “The weekend was a fantastic example of what it means to be at Bryanston; to think of others and be passionate about giving back to the community, whether that be for local or international charities. The A2s, headed up by the Heads of School, wanted to support charities focused on children and sustainability and the money raised will make a meaningful difference to so many.”

If you would like to show your support for A2 Charities Weekend 2023, please click here.

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