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Now more than ever, the study of Politics is vital. The course allows our pupils to develop their ability to think critically and creatively and to develop a love of the subject.

At Bryanston we teach the Edexcel spec with the Global Politics option in the Sixth Form. We also offer a variety of activities outside the classroom. The Cabinet is a successful pupil led Politics magazine which is published termly. There are trips to Westminster, involvement in the nationwide Parliament Week, whole school assemblies and external speakers who visit as part of the school’s PPE Society. Model United Nations is offered by colleagues for pupils of Politics to get involved in, as well as a highly successful debating society.

The Politics Department also contributes to the Sixth Form Enrichment Programme. There is an increasing number of pupils who move on to study Politics or related degrees at university. The department offers much support to pupils via correction periods where pupils meet individually or in small groups with their teacher.

William Bridges
Head of Politics



Pupils have the option to study Politics at A Level in the Sixth Form, through the Edexcel Global Politics course.

Government and Politics A Level (Edexcel)

An increasingly popular option at A Level that requires no prior knowledge. Pupils study for three papers:

  • UK Politics
  • UK Government
  • Comparative Politics - with the Global option

The course allows pupils to think critically and creatively and we benefit greatly from the input of both our international pupils and our annual teaching fellows from the University of Virginia, USA. 

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    Was a superb assembly and they're absolutely right. Vote when you can, and don't accept no for an answer when you can't! Your voice can be a powerful thing...

    7 Dec

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    Fishing was introduced into the Adventure Training and ECA programmes this year, thanks to Mr Bridges and Mr Payne it has been a resounding success. An afternoon relaxing alongside the River Stour provides an opportunity for reflection and relaxation away from the classroom.

    10 Nov

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    A2 might be interested in this. As we know, a realist would argue that there is no trust in the international system. This is is a good example of this. Useful too for the security dilemma, perhaps...

    18 Sep