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As a full boarding school, we value what happens at the weekend. The seven-day timetable enables pupils to develop their talents and interests in the company of friends without the unnecessary time pressure of a five-day week. However, we understand that parents like to see their children and on open weekends, pupils are free to go home after Saturday lessons and match commitments.

If you are seeking the full boarding experience for your child, or your circumstances require full-time boarding, we offer a full and varied weekend programme and the reassurance that upon every weekend there will be other pupils staying in and plenty of organised activities for them to enjoy.

There are two main types of weekend:


Approximately half the weekends in the year are designated ‘whole school weekends’, when all pupils stay in and the entire school comes together to work towards a common goal, such as a charity fundraising event or one of our pupil-led arts festivals. The focus and participation during these weekends teaches pupils many of life’s essential insights and skills, including working together, valuing your own contribution and those of others and valuing the community in which you find yourself.


On open weekends, pupils may choose to go home after Saturday morning lessons and match commitments. For those staying in school, the weekend coordinator organises a varied programme of recreational activities, such as cinema trips, pizza-making, paintballing and dry slope skiing. In addition, hsms will often arrange events within the house, for example a film or games evening, to complement activities going on across the school.

There are also two fixed exeats in the autumn term, when all pupils are expected to leave the school on Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening.

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