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IBCP pupils cook up an Italian storm in the Bryanston kitchen

On Saturday our IBCP pupils continued to combine their studies in Italian with their Business vocational course looking into Italian food.

Miss Sanger and Mr Bray decided it would be beneficial for the pupils if they could collaborate and link Italian and Business together, using Italian food to help bring the subjects alive.

Over the past couple of weeks, the pupils have researched Italian food and culture, created a recipe, analysed the cost of ingredients and investigated the different price strategies that they could adopt if they were to set up their own restaurant. Their research culminated in a morning of cooking in the Bryanston kitchen and the pupils were put to test by working in a professional environment where they had to follow protocols as well as follow their recipe.

Miss Sanger, Teacher of Modern Languages at Bryanston, commented: “It was great to see the pupils working together and producing actual dishes that they had researched. The majority of the dishes turned out well and the pupils soon realised what they could have done better with any dishes that didn’t turn out well.”

After all the food had been produced and the washing up was complete, Mr Bray arranged for Mike Thorne, Head of Catering at Bryanston, to come in and give a talk to the pupils about health and safety, order processing, the importance of checking delivery notes and the quality checks that a real business has to follow.

Mr Bray, Head of Work Related Learning at Bryanston, commented: “It was great that our pupils could gain experience from an industry expert and this will help them to contextualise the theory better.”