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Invigilation Guidelines

Invigilator Guidance for Remote Assessments

Thank you for agreeing to invigilate our online assessments , we are very grateful for your assistance. Below are our invigilator guidelines, please read through the information carefully before administering the assessments.

Please complete the following steps:

1. CAT 4 online assessment

Please read through the CAT 4 Administration Instructions guide.

For the CAT4 exam the student will need access to a computer with internet, headphones, and a piece of paper and pencil for rough workings.  The test is timed and in 3 parts. The test can be completed in an individual setting of 90 minutes. Practice questions are available at the start of each section. To start the CAT4 assessment go to and enter the code provided.

Please ensure that the student does not log out until they receive confirmation that all sections have been completed. Should the student finish early, please ensure that they wait for the test to ‘time-out’, otherwise the results won’t record.

2. English as an additional Language Assessment (EAL)

If the student's first language is not English they will also be required to sit an online EAL assessment.

We administer these assessments through Password. Please read through the How to Set up and Take Password guide (please note there are different instructions depending on if you are using a Mac or Windows PC).

Before administering the test, it is important that you set up a desktop shortcut if you are using a Windows PC. There are short videos showing you how to set up the compatible internet browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge here.

If you have any difficulty, please contact the Password support team who can set up your test for you.   Do this at least 24 hours before you plan to run the test.  

Email: or

Phone:  +44 (0)20 8326 5608 Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00 UK time.

Please note:

  1. You can only access the tests once using the login and password given in your email.  
  2. Only enter the code click on the login button or press ‘Enter’ when the student is ready to start the test.  Clicking on the login button or pressing ‘Enter’ starts a 24 hour timer.  If the student tries to enter the test code again later to take their test, it will not work and an ‘invalid code’ message will appear. Do not check the login code before the student is ready to start.
  3. The time limit for the assessments is 90 minutes.

3. invigilation confirmation

When the assessments have been completed we would be grateful if you could let us know by email by completing and returning the Invigilation Confirmation form to