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We celebrate the breadth of destinations that our pupils take – from universities and other academic destinations to creative arts, sports, music, social impact and vocational.

To support their individual choices we provide a structured programme to enable pupils to make the right choices beyond the School.

Alternative Pathways

We are keen to help pupils to understand that there are various pathways into the world of work and our Head of Future Pathways can advise pupils on the pathway that will help them to meet their individual talents. We also utilise the broad range of Old Bryanstonians to help mentor and advise our pupils. 

Alternative pathways include:

  • Degree apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Armed Forces
  • Work-based training or jobs in sought-after industries
  • Entrepreneurs who want to set up their own businesses

An increasing number of pupils are choosing to explore alternative routes to gaining professional qualifications and we continue to increase links with firms that offer focused school-leaver programmes, higher level apprenticeships and sponsored degree courses. We also encourage pupils to broaden their outlook and consider the potential offered by studying abroad as well as in the UK.

Two recent OBs  who have followed alternative pathways:

“For me, the opportunity to work within a world-renowned business, while gaining a degree from Exeter University was an incredibly exciting opportunity. Bryanston was invaluable throughout the process, providing bespoke guidance and coaching for the application stages. The rich education that Bryanston offers, equipped me so well for life beyond the School, as I entered the big wide world!” Cameron Roberston, JP Morgan
"I first heard about the Dyson Institute as there was a talk at school with two current students and so I then decided to look into it a bit more. I realised it had many benefits over a traditional uni such as gaining four years' worth of work experience and not coming out with any student debt! I spoke to my tutor, careers and DT department where I was able to speak to Old Bryanstonians who work for Dyson. This was extremely helpful as I was able to speak to someone who had already gone through the admissions process, and he gave me some tips on how best to prepare. Specialists within Bryanston were very helpful and gave me some practice interviews which also helped. I am very grateful for all the support I was given."  Tennyson Tunstall-Behrens, Dyson 

Top 15 popular destinations 2014-2023 

(in alphabetical order)
Oxford Brookes

Top 15 popular subjects 2014-2023 

(in alphabetical order)
Architecture/Urban Planning
Art and Design
Classics/Classical Studies
English Literature
Medicine/Veterinary Medicine
Modern Foreign Languages
Politics/International Relations
Property/Land Management
Single Sciences

Exit 25 - A Guide for Pupils

The documents contained in Exit 25 - A Guide for Pupils are essential preparation for pupils for applications to Higher Education, whether applying through UCAS or taking another route such as an art foundation course or applying to a music conservatoire or drama school.

We are focused firmly on helping pupils with their academic and careers research, providing personal and practical resources to support them as they explore future options and decide next steps. Our priority is to find the most appropriate people and resources to support the needs of each individual.

Sixth form events

A range of events is on offer during the sixth form, including the annual Higher Education Day, workshops with visiting overseas universities and interview practice sessions. Our aim is to enable pupils to meet and speak directly to experts or trainees from a range of professions, so that they build a picture of the competitive realities of the labour market; giving them the chance to get independent and impartial advice from those with day-to-day experience and gaining a sense of the different roles, responsibilities and career paths available.

UCAS: Post applicant support for OBs

If you left Bryanston last year and are applying to university through UCAS as a post applicant, we will continue to support you through the process and have provided useful information below. Please remember to stay in touch with your Tutor and the Head of Department overseeing your application to discuss your plans regularly.