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Studying geography allows us to see how and why the world we live in is changing and enhances both our environmental awareness and our sense of place in the world.

We are a department of committed geography enthusiasts: we love the subject, we love keeping it current, and we love fieldwork.  We believe in interactive teaching, which helps pupils to develop the range of intellectual and practical skills that allow them to enjoy and succeed in the subject.
Geography is a thriving subject at Bryanston, with more than half of the B and C year groups choosing it as an option, and it remains a popular choice at A level.  We have a regular flow of sixth formers who continue their study of geography at Russell Group universities as well as Oxbridge.





In D (Year 9), we teach our own course based on contemporary issues, including; fracking, climate hazards, the rise of China, inequality, disease and world heritage. Beyond that, we currently follow the Edexcel IGCSE geography specification and the CIE A level course.

IB Geography

The IB geography course aims to develop globally aware pupils who are able to analyse contemporary issues and challenges from a geographical perspective. The core themes provide an overview of the key global issues of our times as outlined below.

  1. Population distribution: changing population
  2. Global climate: vulnerability and resilience
  3. Global resource consumption and security

Covering a range of physical and human topics, pupils consider issues such as migration, poverty, sustainability and climate change. Through the examination of examples and detailed case studies at a variety of scales, from local to regional, national and international, pupils develop an understanding of the interrelationships between people, places, spaces and the environment. 

The range of options in the geographic themes section enables pupils to develop a greater understanding of specific contemporary issues, from the geography of food and health, to freshwater issues and conflicts. 

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    Good fun for our A3s who've been studying weather and climate this term.


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    Interesting for @BryanstonT_L Do students get too used to DARTs (directed activities relating to text) and become lazy, skim readers - skipping words they don't know or which seem irrelevant? Surprising how many ask what words mean when reading aloud, which they don't otherwise.


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    If you're teaching #coastalprocesses #waves and students can't quite comprehend the power of hydraulic action, this is good fun. Don't see these on field trips! Taken in March during one of the big storms; the guy in red didn't even get wet! #geographyteacher #cliff #erosion


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Extra-curricular Opportunities

Every year, the school enters the Geographical Association’s Dorset branch WorldWise quiz, a competition for Year 10 and 11 pupils at schools from across the county.

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Every two years, the department runs a field trip to Morocco for pupils in the sixth form, in addition to its local A level fieldwork programme. It also arranges ad hoc field trips, for example for pupils interested in the geology of the Jurassic Coast.

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