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School Coaches - General Information

Seats can only be guaranteed if a reservation is received by 12 noon on the Wednesday prior to travel.

All transport requests made after the deadline of midday on Wednesday prior to travel must be made by email to (please include travelling pupil's name, house and mobile number).

How to book Coaches

• By completing the online booking form (opens in new window)

• By email to (please include travelling pupil's name, house and mobile number)

• By pupils at the Security Gatehouse (during term time)

In the interest of all children, we would ask the following:

  • That all places be booked beforehand. Coaches are often fully booked and if your child is not booked on the coach, there is a very real chance that there may not be a seat for them, in which circumstance they may not be allowed to travel. The school cannot take responsibility for children not booked on the coach, and if parents are in any doubt about the status of their child’s place booking they are strongly advised to check that their child is safely on the coach before leaving the pick-up point

  • Passengers must ensure that they are at the pick-up point before the planned departure time; the coach may not wait for latecomers. We reserve the right to make a charge if a seat is booked but not taken

Conditions of Carriage

1.  Bryanston School provides transport to and from School on a number of routes at the beginning and end of: terms, half terms, the autumn term Exeats and some specific weekends. North Dorset Travel provide transport for the longer routes and Riverside taxis provide transport locally and to and from Salisbury.  Both companies have proved to be very reliable and all drivers are Disclosure and Barring Service checked.

Coach Routes
2.  North Dorset Travel must be pre-booked by 12 noon on the Wednesday prior to travel.  If there is insufficient demand to make a journey viable then the School reserves the right to cancel the route for that day; notice will be given of such a cancellation no later than 48 hours before scheduled departure.  If a booking has been confirmed and a child does not travel then a surcharge of £20 in addition to the fare may be added to the school bill.

3.  Reservations for North Dorset Travel can only be made on-line through the Bryanston website by clicking on this link. The booking form can only be submitted once all information is provided.  Contact information for both pupils and parents/guardians is crucial to ensure that communication can be established should there be exceptional circumstances or changes.  Either a confirmation email will be sent once the transport is booked, or an email will be sent at least 48 hours before departure should the route prove unviable.  Confirmed passenger lists with all contact details are given to both North Dorset Travel and Hsms.

4.  Parents/guardians are asked to take responsibility for their child up to the point of boarding the vehicle on a journey to Bryanston, and meeting their child from the vehicle at the scheduled place and time of drop off on a journey from Bryanston.

5.  Parents/guardians should be at the designated pick-up point 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  If a pupil is not at the pick-up point 10 minutes before departure the School will make reasonable efforts to contact parents/guardians/pupils by telephone using the information provided at the time of on-line booking.  If no contact can be established then the bus will depart.  If contact is established then the School will make a judgement as to whether the bus waits and for how long.  If transport is not where it should be 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time, contact should be made with the School immediately on 01258 452411.

6.  Those pupils travelling into Heathrow should make their way to the “Official Meeting Point” in Terminal 5 (we send a member of staff as an escort to co-ordinate Bryanston arrivals and departures from Heathrow).

Salisbury Rail Station and Local Routes
7. Riverside taxis provide cost effective and efficient transport locally, as well as to and from Salisbury station; they are a local taxi company who have been working with both Bryanston and other schools for many years.  All journeys from Bryanston School to Salisbury Railway Station and from Salisbury Railway Station to Bryanston School should be booked direct with Riverside taxis on 01258 453553.

Conditions of Carriage
8.  A booking indicates acceptance of the responsibility for payment, and if necessary a surcharge, on the end of term bill.
9.  Coaches will not leave the pick up/drop off points before the time specified, but will endeavour to arrive/leave at the time specified. Parents will accept the responsibility to collect/deliver their children at the specified time.
10.  Snacks, soft drinks and water may be taken onboard, however, hot food, alcohol and glass bottles are not permitted.
11. All rubbish must be disposed of safely in the coach bins or removed from the coach when disembarking.
12. Parents and children will accept that good behaviour is expected. Normal school rules apply.
13. Seat belts MUST be worn at all times whilst on board.
14. Passengers must remain on board the coach until permission from the driver has been given to disembark from the coach.