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Scholarships and bursaries

Bryanston offers scholarships at both 13+ and 16+.

Students may apply for a maximum of two scholarships. Awards range in value from honorary up to a maximum of 10% of the fees.

The remission may be enhanced by a bursary if parents are able to demonstrate, through a means-testing process, that they could not otherwise send their child to Bryanston. A bursary can stand alone or supplement scholarships.

Scholars are expected to be catalysts in their year group, to take the lead and to help others to aim higher. They should be ambassadors for their specialism and for the School in general and should be happy to act as role models for their peers.

All scholars will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons through the variety of activities and events in school. Through the tutorial system they will receive mentoring on an individual basis to help them nurture and develop their talents.

Image of pupils on junior scholarships

Junior Scholarships

We welcome applications for a range of scholarships at 13+ entry, reflecting the breadth of education on offer at the School

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Image of a pupil on a sixth form scholarship

Sixth form scholarships

A number of scholarships are offered for admission to the sixth form. Selection takes place at Bryanston during the Autumn term

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Read more about bursaries here

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