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Meals and food

We passionately believe that great food is a key part of any school and have one simple aim: to provide healthy wholesome family style food.

Encouraging children to eat well, to learn about food and to establish good habits fuels their learning every day. 

We have our own in-house catering team. This gives us the opportunity to hire our own chef and cooks and to do our own purchasing and menu planning. This means we are able to carefully select the range, quality and provenance of food that the children enjoy at school. We want our food to be as tasty, healthy and as local as possible.

Our food committee in school gives the children the opportunity to talk about food, about the menus and to offer feedback to the catering manager. We think it’s important that feedback is not just about likes and dislikes, but about wider issues to do with food sourcing and awareness of the importance of diet and healthy eating. By encouraging these discussions we believe the children will have a much broader understanding of the importance of eating a balanced and healthy diet.

Cooking also plays an important part of our curriculum for all our children. Our ‘classroom kitchen’ is a wonderful facility where the children can learn to cook some basic recipes as well as helping them to understand more about kitchen hygiene and healthy eating.

Some children take part in a gardening club using the raised beds we have in the orchard to plant vegetables and flowers with the aim in time of expanding the range of home-grown produce. We take healthy food seriously and believe strongly in the benefits of children learning how to grow fruit and vegetables ‘from fork to table’.