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Prep School Scholarships

Our IMAGINE scholarships, provide children with a unique opportunity to access state-of-the-art facilities, inspirational and challenging sessions with specialist teachers, access to senior school heads of department and a clear pathway through to Bryanston in Year 9.

The scholarships are open to pupils currently enrolled in Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6, applying for places in Year 3, Year 5 and Year 7. The Year 3 scholarship is an All-Rounder Award where your child will benefit from elements of the programme listed below.

Our scholarships are available in three categories, all of which come with a fee remission:

  • Creative arts (including art, D&T, drama and music)
  • Sport
  • Academic

Applications for September 2024 entry

Scholarship applications for 2024 entry have now closed.

They will reopen in the spring of 2025 for September 2025 entry.

Successful candidates will receive personalised one-to-one tutoring from a dedicated mentor, along with support from the Heads of Lower and Upper Prep, who serve as an advocate for each scholar, ensuring they receive the individual attention and support needed to excel in their chosen field.

Scholarship awards will be reviewed yearly to ensure that your child continues to receive the necessary support and guidance for their ongoing development.

Our IMAGINE prep scholarship programme is not just about academic, sporting, or creative arts excellence; it’s about developing well-rounded individuals with a sense of purpose, compassion, and a drive to create a better world.

Through community engagement, mentorship, and hands-on experiences, we begin the building blocks for compassionate leaders who will shape their future vision with passion and empathy.

In addition to the fee remission, our scholarships offer scholars the chance to represent the school at a senior level, where they can showcase their abilities and gain valuable experience. We are proud to offer a range of opportunities and facilities that few other schools can match.

We are committed to helping our pupils achieve their full potential, and we believe that our IMAGINE scholarships represent a new and exciting chapter in our quest for excellence.

What does a Scholarship mean for your child?

We believe in nurturing and celebrating the unique talents of our scholars. Our ethos is to put the child at the centre of all we do, and for our scholars, this means providing them with exceptional opportunities to excel in their chosen fields.

Whether your child is an Academic Scholar, a Sport Scholar, or a Creative Arts Scholar, we have tailored programmes in place to unlock their full potential.

Academic Scholarships

Our Academic Scholars receive personalised attention and support to enhance their academic journey. They benefit from half-term 1-2-1 sessions with our dedicated Prep School Head of Teaching and Learning, ensuring that their individual learning needs are met.

Additionally, they enjoy weekly 1-2-1 sessions with the Heads of Lower and Upper Prep, further boosting their academic progress.

To further enrich their educational experience, our Academic Scholars have designated practical sessions with the Prep School Head of Teaching and Learning, providing specialised guidance and insight.

As they progress through our school, they will also have access to other exciting enrichment opportunities, expanding their horizons beyond the classroom.

Sport Scholarships

For our Sport Scholars, we recognise the importance of physical well-being and sporting achievements. These scholars receive exceptional support to develop their athletic skills and reach new heights.

Termly 1-2-1 sessions with the Senior School Director of Sport ensure that our Sport Scholars receive expert guidance in their chosen discipline.

They also benefit from weekly 1-2-1 tutor sessions with the Prep School Head of Sport, who provides individualised coaching and mentorship. Moreover, our Sport Scholars will also have designated practical sessions with the Prep School Head of Sport, allowing them to delve deeper into their sporting passion.

These scholars also have the opportunity to be part of our prestigious Performance Sports Programme and represent our school in higher year groups, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Creative Scholarships

We value and celebrate the creative potential of our scholars. Creative Arts Scholars receive exclusive opportunities to nurture their artistic talents. They enjoy termly 1-2-1 sessions with our Senior School Heads of Art, Music, or Performing Arts, providing them with invaluable guidance and expertise.

Weekly 1-2-1 tutor sessions with the Prep School Heads of Art, Music, or Drama further enhance their skills and creativity. Additionally, our Creative Arts Scholars have exposure to our Heads of Department and facilities at the Senior School, allowing them to explore and refine their artistic abilities in a supportive and inspiring environment.

As a Bryanston Prep scholar, your child will receive tailored support and opportunities to flourish academically, athletically, or creatively. Our dedicated team of teachers and tutors are committed to nurturing their unique talents, providing individualised attention, and unlocking their full potential.