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Ten Tors Challenge

Ten Tors is a magnificent event that has been organised by the army for over 50 years. Each year there are 2,400 participants who walk 35, 45 or 55 miles across Dartmoor.

The Ten Tors Challenge is aimed solely at young people and completing it is no easy feat. The terrain, distance and climate all conspire against the participant's success and only with the correct training, commitment, endurance and grit can the challenge be completed.

Each year we submit two teams to undertake the Ten Tors Challenge. We select a team of six Year 10 pupils who take on the 35-mile challenge while a selected team of six Year 12 pupils (year 12) take on the 45-mile challenge. Through entering the event we provide the pupils with a challenging adventure that demands careful planning, imagination, endurance, skilful navigation and teamwork. 

2024 Ten Tors Challenge Dates

The 2024 Ten Tors will take place on Dartmoor during the weekend of 11 & 12 May 2024.

Throughout the year, all pupils interested in entering the challenge take part in training sessions to develop the skills needed to succeed, including navigation and expedition practice, before the final team selection is made.

Here are some photos from recent training.