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The Science Society gives pupils the chance to hear from leading scientists and engineers from around the country. Events are open to any who want to come from Bryanston, passionate scientist or interested bystander. We also have sixth form visitors from a number of local schools. Meetings often begin with short presentations from pupils, before the main speaker gives their talk. This is followed by questions and lastly a chance to chat with the speaker.

Many pupils have followed up on such meetings to arrange work experience or help with their own research projects. Details of upcoming science society events are included in the school calendar.

Contact the Head of Science if you would like to come along to any of the Science Society events.

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  • Science Society learn about marine conservation in Dorset and Madagascar

    Published 14/11/16

    On Friday 11 November we were delighted to welcome Dr Josie Pegg from Sparsholt College, who gave the final Science Society lecture of the term. Here Head of Science, Mike Kearney, gives his report of the lecture.

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  • Science Society: Dr Mark Lewney presents Rock Guitar in 11 Dimensions

    Published 21/09/16

    The first Science Society lecture of the term was an exciting look at sound and included a musical performance from the presenter, Dr Lewney. Read the report from our Head of Science, Dr Kearney, below.

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  • Science Society studies Rosetta Space Probe

    Published 29/04/16

    On Friday 22 April we welcomed Dr Morse, a research fellow and the project officer at the Department of Physical Sciences of the Open University, to Bryanston's Science Scociety. Dr Morse gave a captivating tallk on the Rosetta probe, as well as his earlier projects, including the Beagle mission to Mars. You can read a report of Dr Morse's presentation by Mike Kearney, Head of Science at Bryanston below.

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  • Science Society Lecture: Oceanography, Climate Change and Art

    Published 07/03/16

    On Friday 4 March Bryanston's Science Society welcomed Dr Simon Boxall to give a fascinating talk on oceanography, climate change and art. Dr Boxall is a lecturer with the Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton and you can read a report of the presentation by our Head of Science, Mike Kearney below. 

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  • Science Society Discovers snake with legs

    Published 15/02/16

    Dr David Martill discusses what scientists have described as the first known fossil of a four-legged snake.

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  • Science Society Lecture: Dark Matter

    Published 29/01/16

    Dr Nick Evans, a professor of Theoretical High Energy Physics at the University of Southampton, presented a lecture on Dark Energy on Friday 22 January. Read on for Head of Science Mike Kearney's report.

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  • Science Society learns the chemistry of wine

    Published 20/10/15

    On 9 October the Science Society welcomed Luke Bartlett to give their first lecture of the school year on the Chemistry of Wine. 

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  • Bryanston Science Society explores the ocean depths

    Published 09/06/15

    On 14 November the Science Society welcomed Dr Jon Copley, an Associate Professor in Marine Ecology at Southampton University and also the current British record holder for the individual who has dived deepest under the ocean.  

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  • Bryanston Science Society looks to the sky​​

    Published 09/06/15

    On Friday 19 September the Bryanston Science Society welcomed Anna Scaife of Southampton University for the first of this term’s Science Society lectures.

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