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Bryanston International Summer School 2024

Immerse yourself in a transformative International Summer School experience with a blend of intensive English lessons, activities, excursions and cultural activities. All this in the heart of Dorset, nestled within a historic 400-acre campus. 

We strive to maintain a balance of nationalities, ensuring every interaction at Bryanston is an English-speaking experience.

English Language Programme details

  • Dates: Two-week programme (28 July - 11 August 2024)
  • Ages: 11-16 (classes are segmented for ages 11-13 and 14-16)
  • Aim: To improve English language proficiency
  • Course structure: 20 hours of English tuition per week. Students also receive the Bryanston English Language Certificate on completion of the two-week course

Why choose our International summer School?

  • Communicate with confidence - engage in lively group discussions and receive personalised feedback, all geared towards real-world communication
  • Everyday English mastery: leave ready to tackle everyday situations in English with poise, be it ordering at a café, shopping, or casual conversation
  • Academic support: designed to dovetail with students’ school studies, our programme will support them in essays, presentations, and honing critical English thinking skills
  • Small classes: with our favourable teacher-to-student ratio, every student receives the individual attention they deserve
  • Cambridge Assessment English exam: we'll prepare students for the Cambridge Assessment English examination
  • Expand vocabulary: embrace new words and phrases, enhancing both spoken and written English
  • Extensive activities programme: dive into a plethora of activities tailored to enlighten, engage, and entertain
  • Weekly excursions: every week, embark on a full-day excursion, exploring local wonders and enriching your cultural experiences
  • Round-the-clock care: our commitment goes beyond academics. With 24/7 pastoral care, rest assured you’re in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment

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Main school

The teachers at Bryanston International Summer School are all native English speakers, seasoned with rich teaching experience and an infectious zest for the language. They’re not just teachers; they’re passionate educators who infuse every lesson with fun, intrigue, and energy.

On the first Monday, students undergo a preliminary reading test before the course and speaking and listening assessments upon arrival. This ensures each student is placed in the class that best suits their proficiency level.

Summer School Student in English Class

Seize the day

Set amid the picturesque backdrop of our surroundings, this course delivers a vibrant choice of exhilarating activities, all powered by our top-tier facilities and led by our dedicated activity team.

Every afternoon is packed with trying something new. The hustle and bustle of the day then melts into evenings of relaxation, bonding with friends, and discovering new passions.

Our location

Nestled within a breathtaking 400-acre expanse in Dorset, we’re a scenic 30-minute drive away from the iconic Jurassic Coast.

World-Class Facilities

Over the course of the two-week programme, students will be immersed in a world-class learning environment with access to state-of-the-art facilities, including a sports centre with a high spec gym, swimming pool, equestrian centre, excellent grass and hard tennis courts, theatre, cinema, concert hall, and music facilities.


Dine in delight

We take immense pride in our dedicated catering team and our Conran-designed on-site dining facilities. Each meal, crafted by our trained in-house chefs, serves as a delightful meal time experience, offering a blend of global flavours and familiar home comfort dishes.

What’s on the plate?

  • Daily delights: Feast on a daily spread of fresh hot and cold dishes, ensuring there’s something delightful for everyone
  • Diverse choices: Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just exploring, our menu is tailored to cater to all dietary needs, complete with omelette stations and refreshing salad bars
  • Snack time: Fancy a nibble between meals? Our renowned Bryanston Cafe has students covered! Indulge in everything from hot beverages and home-made pizzas to creamy milkshakes and tantalising treats

Summer School Cafe

Evening activities

As the sun sets, our campus comes alive with a medley of engaging activities. Here’s a taste of what evenings at Bryanston could look like:

  • Quiz night: Showcase your trivia prowess and team up with fellow enthusiasts
  • Mystery games: Dive into enigmatic plots and play detective for the night
  • Karaoke: Grab the mic and belt out your favourite tunes, surrounded by cheering peers
  • Talent nights: Step into the spotlight or cheer from the sidelines. A celebration of music, dance, comedy, and raw talent
  • BBQ evenings: Savour mouth-watering grilled delicacies under a starry sky
  • Movie nights: Dive into cinematic worlds, complete with popcorn and snug seating

Throughout all these activities, our dedicated staff team is always on hand, ensuring each evening is memorable, safe, and brimming with joy.

Stay in comfort

Our supervised dormitories provide a home away from home, complete with cosy relaxation zones, convenient kitchenettes, and seamless internet connectivity.

Boarding house girls


Students will embark on a journey to experience the UK as never before. Blessed with being located in the South of England, students have the unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into Britain’s rich tapestry of landmarks, both ancient and modern.

A Weekly Dive into the British Vibe

Each week, students will set off on a full-day excursion, meticulously curated to offer a panoramic view of British culture. The types of excursions that students may experience include:

  • London highlights - experience London in all its glory — the pulsating West End theatres, the one and only Buckingham Palace, the Natural History Museum and the grandeur of the Houses of Parliament
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour - let the magic envelop you!
  • Natural coastal beauty: experience the serene beauty of Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove
  • Wild adventures: feel your heart race at Longleat Safari Park or Go Ape, or immerse in the delightful frenzy of Paulton’s Adventure Park

From historical landmarks to wild adventures, from sporting spectacles to the magic of cinema, our excursions paint a vibrant picture of the UK. We hope that students make memories that will stay etched forever.

Timetable of activities

View the daily timetable of activities.

Costs and travel

Cost for two-week course: £2800 (including transfers from London airports).

Summer school Brochure

View and download our printable Summer School brochure (PDF).

Terms and conditions

View the terms and conditions (PDF).

Travel Insurance

View details of the travel insurance cover (PDF).

Get in touch

We are here to guide and support you. Please contact us on

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English Summer School Students

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from the application process?
Children or groups should be enroled using our online application form. A member of the Bryanston Summer School Team will get in touch to arrange payment of the deposit and confirm your place.

Our team will contact you with further information about the course programme and travel arrangements (at the end of May). Specific details, itineraries, requirements, and personal information will be confirmed in May.

What level of English will my child require?
Our small and differentiated classes are suitable for all levels. However, absolute beginners should consider having some English study in advance of the course so that they can benefit fully from an immersive English environment.

Who will be teaching my child?
Bryanston Summer School will be taught by qualified teachers who are DBS checked as per the standard requirement of UK schools.

How do I enrol?
Please complete the online application form. A member of our team will then be in touch to arrange payment of the deposit and confirm your place.

What ages can apply?
We accept applications from students aged 11-16.

Do students receive a report?
This encompasses all aspects of their summer school journey and will be conducted by their teachers, activity staff, and the welfare team. The progress report will be sent via email to parents/agents at the conclusion of each week.

Upon completion of a student's final week, a departure report is generated. This report is presented to students during their graduation ceremony, and a duplicate is sent electronically to parents/agents.

What is the arrival procedure?

  • Airport arrival – your child will be met by one of our staff wearing a Bryanston T-Shirt with STAFF printed on the back.  The staff member will be holding a sign with your child’s name or group name printed on, and they will co-ordinate the driver and onward journey to Bryanston School. There may be an additional cost for airport collection if your child is not arriving at Bristol, Southampton, Bournemouth or one of the London airports.
  • Bryanston School arrival – If you plan to drop your child at the school, then you will be met by our summer staff at the main entrance. Times and details will be agreed on beforehand.

How will my child be assessed for their English lesson?
We will ask for your child’s English level prior to them arriving at Bryanston. Students are also tested on their first full day to assess their English level and ability and place in a class suited to their ability level. Each class will have up to 15 students. Students do not need to prepare anything for their lessons.

What is the accommodation like?
All students stay in our boarding houses in single, twin, or triple bedrooms, with shared bathroom and communal areas. Our summer school pastoral staff are also residents in the boarding houses to ensure a high level of supervision.

Do boys and girls sleep in separate boarding accommodation?
Our boarding house accommodation is divided into distinct accommodations for boys and girls.

Can I share a room with my friend?
Regrettably, no, as part of our programme, all students are assigned to rooms with peers of similar age but different nationalities. This is done intentionally to promote the opportunity for students to form new friendships.

Do you provide a laundry service?
Yes, we can provide a weekly laundry service. Details of the service are outlined on arrival. We recommend students not to bring expensive or very delicate items of clothing to go in the laundry service.

What does my child need to bring?
Our summer weather can be quite unpredictable, ranging from scorching hot days to occasional rain showers. If your child is accustomed to very hot weather, we recommend dressing them in layers so they can easily adapt to changing conditions. It's also advisable for them to have clothing suitable for wet weather.

While our dress code is generally casual, students might want to bring slightly more formal attire for special occasions like our awards evening and farewell dinner.

As Bryanston School is situated on an expansive campus, it's important that students come equipped with sensible and comfortable footwear. We do quite a bit of walking, so a good pair of walking shoes is indispensable.

Swimming and various sporting activities are integrated into the course schedule, so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing, including a swimsuit if they intend to swim. While we provide towels for students in the boarding house, we kindly request that you also provide an additional towel specifically for swimming purposes.

Suggested packing list:

  • 3-4 pairs of trousers / jeans / tracksuit trousers / skirts
  • 2-3 pairs of shorts
  • 6-7 t-shirts and tops
  • 2 sweaters / hoodies
  • 1 waterproof jacket
  • Underwear
  • Socks, including a thicker pair for walking
  • 2 pairs of trainers / sneakers

Will my child need pocket money?
The course fee fully encompasses all expenses for your child during their stay with us. If your child expresses an interest in buying souvenirs, sweets, or additional refreshments, we suggest setting aside no more than £60 per week. We'll have a convenient café available at certain times in the Main House, where students can purchase pre-packaged snacks, sweets, crisps, drinks, and fruit. Moreover, during trips, there will be opportunities for personal shopping. Rest assured that our staff will safeguard your child's pocket money, along with their passport and flight tickets, throughout their stay in a secure safe.

Can my child bring their mobile phone?
Bryanston School offers outstanding Wi-Fi facilities, which will be accessible to all students during their stay. Drawing from our wealth of experience as a top boarding school, we've observed that our students derive greater benefits from our courses when they are not distracted by their mobile phones. This allows them to fully engage in their lessons and activities. As a result, mobile phones will not be allowed during lesson and activity hours, and we will request students to temporarily surrender their phones for safekeeping. Rest assured, the phones will be promptly returned to them, typically during the next mealtime.

What happens if my child is ill?
Prior to the course's commencement, we kindly request parents to complete a medical consent form. This authorisation allows us to attend to your child’s medical needs promptly and appropriately should the situation arise.

In cases of minor illnesses, such as a common cold, we encourage students to continue participating unless they genuinely feel unwell. If they choose not to participate due to illness, we will ensure they stay in their room, with meals delivered to them. Our dedicated staff will provide care and support until they are well enough to re-join activities fully.

In the event of an injury or a more severe illness, our experienced staff will thoroughly assess your child's condition. If necessary, they will make the determination whether to seek medical attention from a doctor or visit the local hospital for treatment. We make every effort to communicate with parents or guardians beforehand in such cases.

Do I need to take out insurance cover for my child while they are in the UK?
Comprehensive travel insurance for students is included in the Summer School fees. See the insurance cover details (PDF).

Who can I contact in an emergency?
In the case of an emergency, you will be furnished with the Summer School mobile number, designated for urgent matters. The Course Co-Ordinator or one of their team members will be available to answer calls on this emergency line. For non-urgent or routine enquiries, please email

What is the departure procedure?

  • Airport departure: Your child will be accompanied to the airport, where we will assist them through the passport control process. Beyond this point, we regrettably cannot provide further escort services. If your child is registered as an Unaccompanied Minor with their airline, we will handle the check-in process with the airline staff. Kindly share any pertinent details regarding these arrangements with us
  • Pick up from Bryanston: If you intend to personally collect your child from Bryanston, please inform us in advance so that we can make the requisite preparations

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