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Schedule of Fees

Schedule of fees

  • Q School fees  


    What are the current fees?

    Fees for the 2019/20 academic year are £13,231 per term. The fees are normally reviewed by the Governors on an annual basis and any changes announced in the second half of the summer term. Bryanston School Incorporated is a company limited by guarantee and is a registered charity.

    What do the fees cover?

    Fees cover tuition costs for the standard curriculum, food and accommodation, laundry, the facilities and travel for most sports and games, and personal accident insurance.

  • Q Bank account details  


    Notification of changes to bank account details will only be communicated by the School’s Finance Director. The most up-to-date bank details will always be shown below.

    For UK based fee payers and new applicants the bank account details are:

    Bryanston School Inc

    Sort code: 40-12-18

    A/C no: 61218093

    Ref: Parent code or pupil number as found on bill

    For Overseas payments you will need the following:

    IBAN: GB50HBUK40121861218093


    17 Market Place
    Blandford Forum
    DT11 7AG

    Please ensure that any bank charges are taken into account when arranging payment so that Bryanston receives the full amount due.

  • Q Junior registration fee and deposit  


    What is the registration fee?

    The registration fee for junior entry is £200. It is non-refundable.

    When should I register my child?

    We recommend you register your child two to three years before entry.

    When is the deposit required?

    A deposit of £1000 is payable 18 months before entry to confirm a pupil’s place on the entry list. The deposit is credited to the pupil’s final account and is refundable in the event of the candidate failing the entrance examination. Should the candidate be withdrawn, this sum will not be refunded, except on medical or compassionate grounds.

  • Q Sixth form application fee and deposit  


    Is there an application fee?

    An administration fee of £200 is payable when applying to join Bryanston in the sixth form. This fee is non-refundable.

    When do I apply?

    Applications are made between September and October in the year before entry.

    Are we required to pay a deposit?

    A deposit of £1000 is payable on acceptance of the offer of a place in the sixth form.

  • Q Fees in advance scheme  


    Can I pay my child’s school fees in advance?

    Bryanston operates a Fees in Advance (FIA) scheme that provides fee payers (parents, grandparents, guardians or others) the opportunity to make an advance lump sum payment towards future school fees for all, or part, of the pupil’s time at school. The FIA scheme is available for current pupils and prospective pupils who have registered with Bryanston.

    How many terms can I pay in advance?

    The minimum number of terms to be covered is four terms and the maximum is the lesser of fifteen terms or the pupil’s remaining time at the school.

    What are the advantages of the Fees in Advance scheme?

    In return for a lump sum advance payment the school offers fee payers a discount against future fees and guarantees a credit that will be applied to each term’s fee invoice. The rate of discount allowed by the school is kept under constant review. Once payment is made the rate of discount agreed will apply for the whole period covered by the advance payment.

    How do I find out more?

    If you are interested in making a lump sum payment please contact the Finance Bursar ( for further information.

  • Bryanston offers a generous number of scholarships at both 13+ and 16+