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Day students

Everything you’d expect from Bryanston...except a bed

Up to now, our day students have had the option of a bed for the night. 

Now, in response to interest from parents, we’re also offering a small number of day places without a bed. Day students will arrive at 8.15am and can leave at 6pm (the day service bus leaves at 6.30pm). 

Students who take up these places will join a boarding house, so they will be included in every aspect of the daily life of the school and their peers. 

Like every child at Bryanston, they will have one tutor for the whole of their time here. They will benefit from the Bryanston Method exactly as all our children do. 

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House life For Day students

The house system at Bryanston is a central aspect of school life, with the day beginning and ending in the houses. Pupils start their busy day at the house and head off to lessons, co-curricular activities and other school events, while also returning to the houses to refuel, prepare for sport, do homework and be part of house life.

My own space

Day students have a designated study area within their house, shared with other day students. The study area includes a desk and storage for academic materials, equipment for co-curricular activities and sports kit.

As pupils progress through the school, this study area becomes more important as they have more opportunities for independent study, individual time with teachers (called correction periods) and one-to-one tutoring. Sixth formers have the option to study in a setting of their choice in the main school but can still have the privacy of their own study within their house area.

Day student

How the house works

Our twelve boarding houses have unique personalities and provide a home-like environment for pupils. The Houseparent and their team provide excellent pastoral care and work closely with pupils, tutors, the wider staff team and families to support each child’s academic and personal development. The Houseparent lives in the house and is supported by live-in staff, matrons and a house team.

Pupils also have leadership roles as Head of House or House Prefects. The Houseparent is a vital link between the school and parents, with an aim to establish a strong partnership with families while their child is at Bryanston.

The House vibe

Houses at Bryanston are bustling with activity, both planned and ad hoc by the house team and by the pupils themselves. Day students are fully included in the social scene and are welcome to stay for evening events, however this must be after discussion with their Houseparent first. Houses work together to create entertainment events and compete in house competitions.

House life is all about ‘having a go’ and encourages trying new things and taking risks, even if it means experiencing a ‘heroic failure’. These moments are celebrated just as much as successes.

Day Students

A full Bryanston life

How much can you fit into a Bry day? More than you might think!

Our outstanding on-site facilities and breadth of activities allow for a highly efficient use of time. Pupils can participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities and receive academic support throughout their day. 

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Day Student FAQs

Can I have breakfast and supper at School?

After discussion with your Houseparent, you can arrive early for breakfast and stay for supper. There will be an additional charge.

Can I stay for after-school events?

Yes, you can stay for a school commitment e.g. academic lectures, orchestra or a school trip. This must be discussed with and permission given by the Houseparent.

Can I join in for weekend activities and events?

Yes, pupils can join in for weekend and social activities but only after discussion and permission given by the Houseparent.

Will I have a space in the house for my possessions and sports kit?

Yes, you will have a space to call your own within a study area and a changing space for sport.

Can I have a bed for ad hoc stays?

Sorry, that won’t be possible unless you become either a full boarder or a day student with a bed.

What are the fees for a day place without bed?

From September 2023 the fee for a day place without bed will be £10,350 per term.

How many day Students are there?

Our day spaces are very limited and will initially only be available to pupils joining the School from September 2023 onwards.

Can I change from boarding to day – or day to boarding?

Most pupils join Bryanston as a full-time boarder. A change can happen but it is subject to availability. If parents don’t know whether they would like their child to be a boarder or a day student, please talk to our Admissions team, who will help you to explore the options further and find the right solution for your child.

Are bursaries and scholarships available?

Yes, we have a range of scholarships as well as bursaries available to any pupil, irrespective of day or boarding status.

Are there buses for day Students?

We aim to make your child’s minibus journey to Bryanston as seamless as possible.

See more information on minibus routes, timings and costs.

Alternatively, parents can drop off and pick up at their school house or outside the Main Reception.

What are the next steps? Our admissions process

We believe that a successful fit between our School and our pupils is the key to a fulfilling and successful education. Our admissions process is carefully designed to ensure that we gain a clear and insightful understanding of all our prospective pupils, while allowing the child and their parents to get to know us better too.

We want all our pupils to feel comfortable, valued, and supported during their time at Bryanston and that starts with finding the right fit. So, if you are considering Bryanston for your child, we invite you to explore our admissions process or call us on 01258 484 633 and discover all that our School has to offer.

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