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Chaplaincy and spiritual values

Christian inspiration and Christian ideals are fundamental to the Bryanston philosophy. The School is an Anglican foundation yet it recognises that some pupils come from homes which follow other faiths or have no strong religious affiliation. There is, therefore, no attempt to impose worship on people: rather, the intention is to provide an atmosphere in which spiritual values can be discovered and developed. 

The resident school Chaplain is fully involved with the pastoral care of the community and she aims to be a listening ear for the whole school. 

The Chaplain coordinates the liturgical life of the school within church and chapel with its many and varied services throughout the year. We celebrate the Eucharist each Sunday, where the atmosphere is very much that of a lively parish communion.

Our aim is to offer pupils a regular experience of genuine, committed Christian worship, in which all are free to join; therefore, church attendance is completely voluntary. Parents and friends are always welcome.

Musically the church is very well supported, both by a large variety of school choirs and by instrumental ensembles. On most Sundays, pupils have the choice between church or an assembly in the Coade Hall, with an address by a visiting speaker. Roman Catholics, if they so wish, can attend Mass in Blandford.

A number of times a year, just before the main festivals, our local Rabbi comes to minister to those of the Jewish faith. We also have links with the Islamic Cultural Centre in Bournemouth.