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Bryanston's Inaugural 21st Century Parenting Conference empowers parents in navigating the modern challenges of raising teenagers

Bryanston School proudly hosted its first-ever 21st Century Parenting event on June 6, delivering a ground-breaking and forward-thinking conference that addressed the complexities of raising teenagers in today's world.

With an innovative and proactive approach, the conference aimed to open the dialogue among parents, educators, and experts, equipping them with the knowledge and practical advice needed to navigate the unique challenges of parenting in the 21st century.

Recognising the paramount importance of pastoral care at Bryanston, the special one-day event was developed by the teaching staff, led by Claire Miller, Deputy Head of Boarding & Pastoral, and Claire Bray, Assistant Head of Pastoral. The conference was a response to the growing understanding of the immense pressures and difficulties faced by parents in the modern age.

Collaborating with The Wellbeing Hub from Teen Tips, Bryanston secured the participation of a diverse group of experts from across the UK. Respected professional parenting experts such as Alicia Drummond and Dr. Maryhan, as well as specialists in sexism and gender equality Michael Conroy and Natasha Eeles, contributed their valuable insights and knowledge to the conference.

21st Century Parenting 2023

More than 90 attendees, including parents from Bryanston and neighbouring schools, gained access to a wealth of information on a wide range of topics. The conference covered essential subjects such as self-harm, gambling, drugs, bullying, nutrition, and more. A comprehensive list of speakers can be found on the conference website.

Commenting on the rationale behind the event, Claire Miller, Deputy Head of Boarding & Pastoral, emphasised the School's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its students: "We are deeply committed to providing our children with the best possible support, enabling them to make the most of their experiences while feeling safe and nurtured. We firmly believe that education and open, non-judgmental conversations between parents, teachers, and children are fundamental to their wellbeing."

The conference successfully dispelled common misconceptions and equipped parents with the tools they need to help their children thrive during their teenage years. Feedback from attendees of the 21st Century Parenting Day was overwhelmingly positive, with parents expressing the invaluable nature of the conference and its impact on their parenting journey:

  • "Invaluable and insightful. An absolute MUST for parents and caregivers."
  • "A truly valuable session that covered a wide range of crucial topics relevant to our children in the age of social media, online pornography and gambling, new drugs and their online availability, and the associated mental health challenges."
  • "I'm very impressed that Bryanston has taken the initiative to help parents tackle these issues. The conference provided a wealth of information and covered important areas."

Demonstrating Bryanston's unwavering commitment to nurturing resilient young minds, the School has already begun planning for next year's parenting event. By enabling a supportive and informed community of parents, Bryanston continues to support the significance of parent partnerships now and in the future.