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The tutorial system


The School’s tutorial system is without question its defining strength, The word tutor has a unique resonance at Bryanston, which owes more to its Latin derivation: watcher, protector, defender, guardian.

Before arrival at Bryanston, each pupil is carefully assigned a personal tutor based on what we learn during the admissions process about their individual interests and character. The tutor, who is a member of the academic staff, takes care of the pupil's academic and extra-curricular growth throughout their time at Bryanston, but as mutual trust develops, the conversation will naturally extend to pastoral matters too.

Tutor and pupil meet one-to-one on at least a weekly basis, with an emphasis placed on individualised care and support, so that every pupil, regardless of their ability, is able to discuss their studies, their extra-curricular commitments, their achievements and aspirations, as well as their challenges and concerns, throughout their five years at the School. This close connection is truly what sets Bryanston apart.