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Other Activities

It isn’t just the structured programmes that give pupils at Bryanston the opportunity to get involved in outdoor education. There are a number of other activities available for those who want to try something new.

Rock Climbing

Bryanston has an outdoor climbing tower and an indoor bouldering wall that pupils can use throughout their time at the School. We take the skills learnt on site at school and regularly visit local indoor climbing venues, as well as trips to Portland and Dartmoor.


Coasteering involves traversing along a stretch of intertidal zone, as part of an organised group activity. Participants travel across rocks and through water, using a variety of techniques including climbing, swimming and jumping into water.

Snowdonia Mountaineering

During the annual trip to Snowdonia, pupils get the chance to scale some of the larger cliffs that the area has to offer. We rock climb on some of the traditional cliffs which people have been climbing since the Victorians first started in the late 1800s. We also scramble along the more rugged ridges of Snowdonia. Pupils are guided at a ratio of two pupils to one fully qualified mountaineering instructor.