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Drama at Bryanston has an excellent reputation and with 15-20 productions a year pupils have plenty of opportunities to perform, design and direct. There is a strong focus on pupil-directed drama, encouraging independence, creativity and initiative.

Pupils interested in the technical side can join the stage crew to learn how to handle the equipment and design, light and costume a production, while others help with front of house, marketing and box office.

There is a wide range of performance spaces across the School, including Coade Hall, a purpose-built theatre with a sophisticated system of stage lighting and sound, and a large Greek theatre that provides a beautiful setting for outdoor productions in the summer.

Professional touring companies and outside groups regularly visit Bryanston, and pupils attend productions at other theatres. Workshops, lectures and master classes add breadth to the dramatic experiences.

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Vicki Green
Director of Performing Arts


Anyone with talent and commitment can get involved with drama at Bryanston. In the junior years this is mainly through productions and ECAs. In the sixth form pupils can also choose to study Drama and Theatre Studies at A level.

A level Drama and Theatre Studies


Five texts are studied, which represent a range of social, historical and cultural contexts – Greek tragedy, 19th century realism, contemporary docudrama, epic (political) theatre and physical theatre are examples of the styles and genres you can expect to explore over the two years. Devised (self-created work), watching and evaluating live theatre and the study of key companies and practitioners feed into the assessed performance of three pieces over the two years, giving a lot of scope for practical exploration; not just analysis of text but using imagination and experience to interpret and stage it. It is possible to be assessed on design instead of acting for all the practical work, though the written exam will draw on the experience of directing, acting and watching theatre.

Candidates will need to approach practical exploration openly and confidently to make good progress, work with others collaboratively and bring ideas to the table. They will need to do reading, research and preparation during assignment time, to prepare for productive classes and build up the correct terminology and theoretical understanding which underpins good drama and theatre. Some experience in acting or design is important, if not vital. Written work will vary from charting progress in diary form and explaining the development process of creating drama as well as short questions and full essay questions in the final exam.

  • Component 1: Theatre Workshop (20%)
  • Component 2: Text in Action (40%)
  • Component 3: Text in Performance (40%)


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Bryanston Drama Diploma

The Bryanston Drama Diploma is a voluntary programme for pupils in C and B (years 10 and 11) interested in drama and theatre.

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There are plenty of opportunities for pupils to perform and everyone, whatever their level of experience, is encouraged to take part on stage and off. The main production of the year is in the autumn term and involves pupils from across the school.

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Dance is a popular extra-curricular activity with a wide range of classes available, including ballet, street, contemporary and modern jazz

Case StudY

'None of my aspirations and hopes would have been possible without the staff, people and facilities at Bryanston.'



None of my aspirations and hopes would have been possible without the staff, people and facilities at Bryanston. I can still remember my first production at Bryanston, The Canterbury Tales. I played a drunk and I had to dramatically die from poison in front of 800 people. My 13-year-old self almost wet himself. I’m hopefully heading off to the University of Manchester in September to study drama and then drama school. I have done and achieved an extraordinary amount here, from getting my trousers pulled down as Malvolio in Twelfth Night, to directing and performing in Equus with a group of mates for the A3 Festival. Becoming an actor has always been a dream of mine, since I was about 10, but now I feel it’s a serious possibility.