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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh

Pupils in C are receiving their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award badges in assembly over the next few weeks after completeing the award last term.

The Award requires commitment and motivation across a range of activities and there is a focus on volunteering one's own time to help others. This can take many forms for different pupils and have included working with Riding for the Disabled, working in local old people's homes, helping at local primary schools, coaching sport and instructing climbing. There is also a requirement to complete an hour a week on a skill and a physical activity. This is a great chance to learn something new, or establish a good level in an ongoing activity.

The expedition training takes place in the Easter holidays, when pupils spend two days with an instructor in the local area, learning all they need to stay safe on an independent expedition. The assessed expedition takes place during the May half term and the groups are required to walk approximately 25km over two days, including an overnight camp. It is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to learn some immense responsibility as they realise there is no teacher or adult to help them along the way. This is a fantastic chance to appreciate the beautiful Dorset countryside and cement friendships in the year group.

After completing the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, pupils can then progress to the Gold Award in A3.