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One-to-one tutoring at Bryanston Prep​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

One-to-one tutoring is invaluable which is why Bryanston Prep has introduced a new one-to-one tutoring system for Years 6, 7 and 8. 

Staff and pupils are pioneering one-to-one tutorials for 11- to 13-year-olds following the well-established programme approach by Bryanston School, called the Bryanston Method. This provides an emotionally and intellectually supportive environment where pupils are encouraged to think for themselves, embrace individuality, be bold and develop creativity. 

Starting at Year 6, each pupil is carefully matched to their tutor who will be their very own advocate, mentor, and champion to walk by their side for the rest of their prep school journey at Bryanston. 

Working together, the tutor guides each pupil in developing their skills connected to their own learning. In weekly tutorials, help and guidance will be provided to pupils around managing their priorities, deadlines and building confidence and independence. These skills support each child through the pivotal moments in their education journey such as choosing options, exam preparation and then university applications. 

Small class benefits

The one-to-one tutoring follows on from the small classes of Nursery and Pre-Prep where through the learning disposition programme, pupils are encouraged to recognise and manage their strengths and weaknesses. The focused one-to-one attention allows for greater understanding when a child finds it difficult and challenging when they are not always correct. Pupils are encouraged to ‘try, tinker, and make mistakes’ and through the support of tutors this allows for new ideas and patience in new learning.

Teachers at Bryanston Prep genuinely know every child they teach; their strengths, their weaknesses, and their action plan to improve.

The small classes are invaluable to helping pupils achieve their potential in all aspects of Pre-Prep life and to become confident and independent learners. The Pre-Prep welcomes boys and girls from Nursery to Year 2; by the end of their final year with us, our children are fully prepared for the excitement and challenges of moving on to prep school.

Throughout all years, there is a focus on pupils thinking for themselves and being supported on a learning journey that is right for them. There is no Bryanston ‘type’ just plenty of individual spirits which are embraced every step of the way.