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Photography A Level

Creativity can be discovered through both digital and dark room processes within A Level Photography.

Pupils can explore a range of techniques and processes through lens – based work. This course offers a similar structure to the A Level Art courses because it works within the same framework and assessment criteria as A Level Fine Art and 3D Art. 

The coursework represents 60% of the A Level, followed by an externally set task worth 40%.

A Level Photography is an Art -based course for learners who have a creative mind and a keen eye for composition and a keen interest in the technical aspect. This subject combines elements of culture and communication with technical know-how, enabling you to occupy the horizon between art and science.

As a student you will think hard about your compositions to convey your own unique view of the world. An appreciation of the contextual influences and ideas are also key areas of the course.

We also expect you to have a lot of fun as you experiment with different equipment and techniques because of the facilities available, including a well-equipped dark room and dedicated Photography studio.

This learning opportunity is designed to be an ideal balance of theory and practice, giving you everything you need to build an impressive portfolio.

In class you will work on important areas including lighting techniques, darkroom manipulation and software use. In addition, you will benefit from a programme of creative and technical workshops.

As with all our Art and Design courses, we believe the opportunity to showcase your work and provide you with a strong portfolio for potential further study is key to your success.

Doug Knight, Head of Art