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The Bryanston Nature initiative is introduced to the Prep School pupils

Bryanston Nature - Prep School pupils learn about the nature and conservation around the school site

Our thanks to Mr Stokes from Bryanston School who gave an inspiring talk to the Prep School pupils regarding nature and conservation earlier this term. Mr Stokes focused his talk on the RSPB; what the organisation is, its mission statement, explaining conservation, and how this is directly impacting future generations.

Mr Stokes included facts about British birds, highlighting how many species there are, and how many are endangered / critically endangered. He also highlighted the benefits of being out with nature and some of the local successes with relocation projects, e.g. Osprey, White Tailed Eagle, Beavers all in Dorset.

Mr Stokes also told the children about 'Bryanston Bird Watch' and 'Bryanston Nature' which he created through the Covid Lockdown, and how pupils can get involved with this and help, also highlighting what we are doing at Bryanston with regard to nature.

After the talk, pupils went on an interesting birdwatching trail of discovery around the grounds of Bryanston Prep.

Our thanks to Mr Stokes for speaking to the children, and Mrs Ball looks forward to continuing the pupils education of the surrounding nature in their Forest School sessions throughout the term.