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Year 9 entry

Junior admission

  • Q When can we visit the School?  


    We suggest your first visit should be as part of a group visit on a Friday or Saturday morning. You can also visit as a family. Please contact Sarah Spencer ( or 01258 484633) to arrange a suitable day and time, or complete our enquiry form.

  • Q Do you pre-test children?  


    In order to be able to offer more certainty at an earlier stage in the process, we have introduced a more formal academic assessment in the form of the ISEB pre-test in the Autumn term of year 7.

    We do understand that children develop at different rates and may make significant progress during year 7 and 8. Therefore, the results of the ISEB pre-test will not be the only factor in our decision to offer a place and we place a great deal of store on the reference from your child’s school to get the holistic picture. It is very important to us that we do not lose some of the very talented late developers that make Bryanston the exciting and diverse educational environment in which a wide range of children thrive.

  • Q What is the ISEB pre-test?  


    The ISEB pre-test is taken online, usually in the child's current school, and consists of multiple-choice tests in mathematics, English, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. If you have registered your child for entry to Bryanston, we will register them for the pre-test.

    If you have registered your child at another school using the ISEB pre-test, your child will only need to take the test once, unless the other school requires your child to sit the test in year 6.

    No special preparation is needed for the ISEB pre-test and we would strongly recommend you avoid any additional tutoring for your child.

    You can find further information here

  • Q When should we register?  


    We recommend registering your child on the Main Entry List two to three years before arrival. We also operate a Headmaster's Reserve List once the Main Entry List reaches a certain level. Children on both lists are invited to a number of events at the School.

  • Q Is there a waiting list?  


    Main Entry Lists are open for 2021 onwards. Please do make contact with the Admissions Department to talk through an earlier admission or regarding registration.

  • Q Is there an entrance exam?  


    All registered pupils are asked to sit the ISEB pre-test (see ‘Do you pre-test children?’) in the Autumn term of Year 7. 

    All children prepared for Common Entrance are expected to sit the papers and need to achieve a minimum of 50% in all their subjects in the Summer term before entry. Children not prepared for Common Entrance are expected to sit our own entrance tests in English, maths, science and a modern foreign language in the February of the year of entry. The results from these exams provide information for setting.

  • Q Are there past papers?  


    We do not offer past papers for our own entrance exam. However, assessment of the candidate's knowledge will be based on the Key Stage 3 English National Curriculum. Further details about the curriculum and exam preparation and revision guidance can be found at and

  • Q Will my child be interviewed?  


    We meet all children before arrival for a conversation about their academic interests, sports, hobbies and other activities. These interviews help us get to know the children and assist with the allocation of their tutor.

  • Q How many children are admitted?  


    There are around 80 places for boys and around 55 places for girls in the D year (year 9).

  • Q How many houses are there?  


    The are five girls’ houses, five senior boys’ houses and two junior boys’ houses. The boys spend their first year in a junior house with boys of the same age and are promoted to their senior house in friendship groups at the end of the first year

  • Q Do you offer scholarships and bursaries?  


    Scholarships are worth up to 10% remittance of the fees. Bursaries are all means-tested.

  • Q How do we apply from overseas?  


    Please contact the Admissions Department for information about registering your child.