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Year 9 entry

First Steps - Enquiry and Visiting the school

Our Admissions process starts with that all important first enquiry and our Admissions team is here to support you through your admissions journey, please contact us on 01258 484633 or complete our enquiry form.

We would love you to come and visit us either as part of a small Group Visit or on an Individual visit. You can visit Bryanston at any stage through the Admissions process, however we recommend that you start thinking about a first visit to the school during Year 5, before registering your child.


If you decide to move forward with the admissions process after visiting, you will need to register your child for entry by completing our registration form and submitting the £250 registration fee. We recommend that children are registered before the start of the Autumn term of Year 6, this will ensure that your child is included in the first round of offers. Once registered we will ask for a detailed reference from the Head of your child's current school. If your child is in Years 6,7 or 8 please complete the Registration Form and a member of our team will go through the process with you. 

Applications during Year 7 or year 8

We welcome later applications during Year 7 and Year 8, subject to availability. If applying in Year 7, once registered, candidates will be asked to take part in an IMAGINE Day and sit the CAT4 test. Additionally, we will request a reference from their current school.

Year 8 candidates will be asked to take a CAT4 test and we will also request a reference from their current school.  Candidates will also be invited to attend an in person or online interview before we make an offer of a place.

securing a place

Registered children will be asked to take a CAT4 test at their current school between September and April of Year 6. It is also possible to sit the tests at Bryanston, at an official test centre or with an educational agent.

Following the CAT 4 testing children will be invited to Bryanston to attend an IMAGINE Day. This event takes place in the afternoon during the Autumn and Spring terms of Year 6.  It enables your child to see, feel and believe that Bryanston is the right fit for them. It also helps us to understand their character, imagination, and creativity.

After completing the admissions process, our team will carefully consider your child's application to determine if we can offer them a place at our school. We will consult with our Head, Director of Admissions, Head of Tutors, Houseparents, and academic staff to ensure that we make the best decision for your child's education.

Additionally, we will take into consideration the reference from your child's current school and their performance in the CAT4 test. We understand that this can be an anxious time for families, and we want to assure you that we are here to support you every step of the way.


Frequently asked questions about joining in Year 9

  • Q When can we visit the School?  


    You can visit the school at any time during the admissions process, we suggest your first visit should be as part of a group visit on a Friday or Saturday morning. You can also arrange to an individual visit to the school, please call 01258 484633 to arrange a suitable day and time, or complete our enquiry form.

  • Q When should we register?  


    You can register your child at any time, we recommend registering your child by the end of Year 5. To register your child please complete our registration form.

  • Q What opportunities will there be for my child to experience Bryanston before they join the school?  


    There are many opportunities for you and your child to visit the school during the admissions journey. Prospective pupils are encouraged to attend our programme of experience days and admissions events.

  • Q Do you offer scholarships and bursaries?  


    We offer a number of Scholarships for Year 9 entry, Scholarship awards range in value from honorary up to a maximum of 10% of the fees. We also offer bursarial assistance in addition to a Scholarship award or as a stand-alone award, all bursaries are all means-tested.

    Scholarship applications are made in the Autumn Term of Year 8 and the Scholarship assessments take place during the Spring Term of Year 8.

  • Q Do you pre-test children?  


    Applicants do not sit a pre-test for Bryanston.

    As part of the admissions process applicants sit a CAT 4 test which, subject to other elements of the admissions process, enables us to provide firm and secure offers from Year 6 onwards.

  • Q What is IMAGINE Day?  


    Following the CAT 4 testing children will be invited to Bryanston to attend an IMAGINE Day. Our IMAGINE days are created to spark the chemistry between your child and us. These events take place on an afternoon during the Autumn and Spring terms of Year 6 or Year 7.  It enables your child to see, feel and believe that Bryanston is the right fit for them. It helps us understand their character, imagination, and creativity.


    The children are divided into small groups and take part in creative thinking challenges, designed to put the children at ease. They also join small reflection groups to explore their imagination and self-perception, sharing their ideas and solutions, revealing their approach to creative thinking.

    These tasks allow our academic team to observe how the children work with their peers and understand their approach to problem solving. We consider key characteristics such as interpersonal skills, resilience, innovation, and reflection when evaluating candidates.

  • Q Will my child be interviewed?  


    Yes, during Year 8 your child will be invited to take part in an informal interview, these interviews help us get to know the children and assist with the allocation of their House and tutor. They will be asked about their academic interests, sports, hobbies and other activities.

    If your child has not secured a place at Bryanston before Year 8 then this interview will be part of the application process.

  • Q Do I have to pay a deposit to secure my child's place?  


    When a place is offered, an acceptance deposit of £2000 is payable to secure a pupil’s place. £1000 is refundable against your first term’s fees and £1,000 will be credited against your child’s final fee invoice. 

    For non-UK resident parents, an additional deposit of a full term’s fees is payable at point of acceptance. 

  • Q How many children are admitted?  


    There are around 80 places for boys and around 55 places for girls in Year 9, what we call our D year group.

  • Q How many boarding houses are there?  


    There are five girls’ houses, five senior boys’ houses and two junior boys’ houses. House places are allocated by the school and confirmed during the Summer Term of Year 8. The boys spend their first year in a junior house with boys of the same age and are promoted to their senior house at the end of the first year.

  • Q How do we apply from overseas?  


    We welcome applications from all over the world, and if spaces are available into any year group. To find out more about applying from overseas please click here.