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Supporting Bryanston

The bespoke education offered by Bryanston can only be sustained with additional support. Philanthropic support ensures additional enrichment for all our pupils and enables Bryanston to retain its breadth of education, over and above its academic curriculum. 


Fee income is spent on the operational costs of the school and we are committed to trying to keep our fees within an achievable range. Philanthropic giving in other areas not only helps to reduce the ever-increasing pressure on school fees, it also ensures that Bryanston remains a diverse and vibrant place, in which children from a variety of financial backgrounds can learn and grow together.

The generosity and support of the Bryanston family is a critical factor in the school's success. It has enabled us to go from strength to strength and the additional financial support we have received from parents, OBs and friends has made a fundamental contribution to life at Bryanston and will continue to be a crucial part of our future.

There are many ways to support Bryanston and our benefactor programme has three main areas, regular giving, legacies, and major giving

Regular Giving

Each year, OBs are invited to make a regular gift to Bryanston. Gifts can be cumulative or individual and contribute to projects and aspects of education that cannot be funded through the fees alone.

The benefit to Bryanston of regular gifts is that it allows us to plan for the future with confidence, which is vital for some projects, and especially for bursary provision. All donations, no matter how modest, added together can make a real difference to the school and its pupils – whether it is £10 a month or £100 a year. For example, if all OBs gave a monthly gift-aided donation of £10, each year up to 46 pupils could receive a full bursary to attend the school.




A legacy gift is one of the simplest and greatest gifts you can make to Bryanston. It creates a permanent testimony to your affection for the school and allows you to provide support in a way in which you may not be able to during your lifetime.

We are hugely indebted to those who have recognised the importance of providing for the long term financial support of Bryanston in this way and all those who advise us of their intention to make a legacy gift to the school are recognised as members of the Coade Society.

If you would like to know more about leaving a legacy, do please contact Bryanston’s Development Team on +44 (0)1258 484556 or

Major Giving

A major gift is a donation of £10,000 or higher unrelated to an event. Gifts can be made by an individual, companies, foundations or affinity groups and can come in many forms with payments spread out over several years.

Bryanston’s major gift programme provides you with the opportunity to contribute directly to an area or project that really matters to you.

Ways to Give

Find out more about the many ways you can support Bryanston.

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To find out more about how you can support Bryanston, please contact us on or 01258 484556.