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Pupil life

Bryanston not only provides pupils with a distinctive experience but also a warm, welcoming and friendly community. From the start pupils receive lots of individual support: from their housemaster or housemistress, from their tutor and their subject teachers and of course, their fellow pupils.

“There’s such a variety of people who come here – really sporty, really artistic, really academic. They all come together and it doesn’t matter what you are. Everyone accepts everyone else.”  - Oliver

“It’s the diversity of it; there’s just so much on offer. Everyone finds something they are good at, that they can carry on doing for the rest of their life.”  - Bella 

A Warm and Welcoming Community

Pupils support and encourage each other and celebrate each other's achievements, whether in the classroom, on the stage or sports field, or any of the other interesting and varied areas in which our pupils find their individual talents.
Throughout their time at Bryanston, pupils learn to recognise and value the contribution of others, as well as the difference their own contribution can make. There are many opportunities to get involved and work together towards a common goal, for example the Nepal Charities Fair or the various pupil-led festivals, which take place throughout the year.

Life At Bryanston

Boarding at Bryanston gives pupils the time to get fully involved in the wide range of activities on offer and to develop lasting relationships with friends and teachers. Day pupils are fully integrated into the boarding houses and, with the school day lasting until 9pm, they can also play a full part in evening activities and are welcome to join in at the weekend as well.
Bryanston's one-to-one approach ensures all pupils have a member of staff they can turn to for help and advice, whether it's their tutor, their housemaster or housemistress, a member of the house team, an independent listener or the school chaplain, a popular confidante for all regardless of their faith or beliefs. 

A breadth of Opportunities

A broad curriculum and one-to-one attention helps pupils identify those subjects where they can excel, as well as how to use their personal strengths to support the areas they find more challenging. The range of academic options is wide and full, and rightly so, given the diversity of talents and interests of our pupils.

In the classroom

Creativity, not only in the arts but also in pupils’ approach to all subjects, is at the core of the Bryanston philosophy. Pupils are encouraged to explore music, art, drama and design and technology and are given the time, space and guidance to find their own style.

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Outside the classroom

Extra-curricular activities (ECAs), outdoor education, and educational visits enable pupils to discover so much more about themselves. Many pupils find that success outside the classroom gives them greater confidence to deal with challenges within the classroom.

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Most families first visit the school as part of a small group on a Friday or Saturday morning. During the visit there will be a welcome from the Headmaster, a tour of the school by a pupil and an interactive session with a housemaster/housemistress to explore the academic and pastoral structures of the school. It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the school better.