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Policy documents

Download and view our policy documents.

  1. PDF File
    Academic Honesty Policy
  2. PDF File
    Academic Support Policy
  3. PDF File
    Accessibility Plan
  4. PDF File
    Admissions Policy
  5. PDF File
    Alcohol Policy
  6. PDF File
    Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy Summary
  7. PDF File
    Anti-Bullying Policy
  8. PDF File
    Assessment Policy
  9. PDF File
    Attendance, Accounting for Pupils and Registration Policy
  10. PDF File
    Behaviour Policy
  11. PDF File
    Boarding Policy
  12. PDF File
    Bryanston Foundation Investment Policy Statement
  13. PDF File
    Code of Conduct For Staff
  14. PDF File
    Complaints Procedure
  15. PDF File
    Curriculum Policy
  16. PDF File
    Cyberbullying Policy
  17. PDF File
    Data Subject Access Request Policy
  18. PDF File
    Digital Communications Policy
  19. PDF File
    EAL Policy
  20. PDF File
    Equal Opportunities Policy
  21. PDF File
    Exams Internal Appeals Procedures
  22. PDF File
    Exams Special Consideraton Policy
  23. PDF File
    Exams Word Processor Policy
  24. PDF File
    Fire and Safety Policy and Procedures
  25. PDF File
    First Aid Policy
  26. PDF File
    Health and Safety Policy
  27. PDF File
    Illegal Drugs & Substance Abuse Policy
  28. PDF File
    Language Policy
  29. PDF File
    LGBT Policy
  30. PDF File
    Peer-on-Peer Abuse Policy
  31. PDF File
    Privacy Notice Part A Overview
  32. PDF File
    Privacy Notice Part B Pupils, Parents and Alumni
  33. PDF File
    Privacy Notice Part B Staff
  34. PDF File
    Pupil Privacy Notice
  35. PDF File
    Rules and Regulations
  36. PDF File
    Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Procedures
  37. PDF File
    Safeguarding Addendum Covid-19
  38. PDF File
    Safer Recruitment Policy
  39. PDF File
    Search and Confiscation Policy
  40. PDF File
    Smoking Policy
  41. PDF File
    A Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice
  42. PDF File
    Taking, Storing and Using Images of Pupils Policy
  43. PDF File
    Tier 4 Policy
  44. PDF File
    Use of Reasonable Force Policy
  45. PDF File
    Whistleblowing Procedure
  46. PDF File
    Youth Involved Sexual Imagery Policy
  47. PDF File
    Vehicle Policy