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Image of Bryanston horse rider

All too often, sporting achievement is measured on results alone. At Bryanston, we value the process. We want our young people to be their best, whatever their level of sporting ability. By adopting these principles, pupils become better and achieve success at their level, whether recreational player or international athlete. Of course, we aim to win as teams and individuals, but many fall foul of focusing on this as the primary objective. 

Sport encompasses teamwork, individuality, pressure, failure and success. Experiences gained through sporting endeavour, and the range of emotions that follow, help shape the personalities and character traits of all who participate. This is the main reason why sport is so valued at Bryanston and why every effort is made for pupils to be given opportunities to gather experiences from a wide range of sports and physical pursuits. Sport has a primary part to play in helping the School achieve its aim of developing well-balanced individuals. Sport delivered in the correct way can benefit academic study, provide catharsis for the mind, release stress and allow for different takes on academic problems. We know that sport develops confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimuli, alongside exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities. 

Key philosophies

  • Sport is for every pupil regardless of gender, aspiration or ability.
  • The focus for delivery of PE, sport or any physical activity is that it should be fun and inclusive.
  • The School aims to ensure that, by the time they leave, every pupil has a sport, game or physical activity they will continue to enjoy for the rest of their life. 

Image of Bryanston boat house

Key principles

    Every effort is made to ensure that sport is a pleasurable experience, nurturing an individual to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a love of physical activity.

    Every pupil experiences competitive sport while at Bryanston, in a range of sporting contexts. 

    Every pupil is given the opportunity to progress, reaching and exceeding their expectations. 

    Every effort is made to ensure that individual and team performances fulfil potential.

    Pupils and coaching staff strive to adopt a professional approach to individual and team development.