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The ethos of the Bryanston Mathematics Department is that our subject can, and should be, enjoyable and rewarding for all. Our aim is to develop the ability of our pupils to become creative problem solvers, which is the talent that lies at the heart of mathematical thinking. The study of mathematics encourages logical analysis and abstract thinking.

We offer a broad curriculum choice and there are many opportunities for pupils to enjoy enriching activities outside of the class. On a weekly basis, we also offer a great deal of support to those who are finding the subject difficult. 

Please do look through these pages and contact me on with any queries that you might have.

Diana Bench
Head of Mathematics



Our pupils follow the Edexcel iGCSE course in which they will earn grades 9-1. In D, the first term is one in which we consolidate their learning from the Common Entrance syllabus before preparing them for the more demanding GCSE course.

A level

We offer both A level mathematics (OCR) and A level further mathematics (MEI), both of which, although challenging, are very interesting courses that are highly regarded by universities and employers alike.

A level further mathematics is an additional A level in mathematics in which pupils study topics beyond those in the regular A level course. Usually studied as one of four full A levels, alongside mathematics and two others, it is recommended for those interested in mathematics or closely related courses at the most competitive universities.

IB Diploma

We offer all three courses within the IB; higher level, standard level and mathematical studies standard level. Higher level is a demanding course for those looking to study a degree in mathematics or a closely related subject. Standard level is suitable for those who will pursue a degree with some mathematical content, such as biology or geography.  Mathematical studies is a great course for those who are unlikely to continue to study mathematics after leaving school.

Core Maths

Recognising the importance of mathematical knowledge, whilst also that A level Mathematics may not be suitable for all our pupils, we are offering Core Maths as an accessible alternative in the sixth form. Pupils will follow AQA’s Mathematical Studies course, for which the grade achieved is equivalent to an AS Level in the UCAS points tariff. Core Maths focusses upon the application of Mathematics to real-life problems, and in particular financial modelling and statistical analysis. It supports the study of subjects such as Business Studies, Geography and is suitable for pupils with grades 4-6 at GCSE (whereas A level Mathematics would be suitable for pupils with a 7 or upwards).

Mathematics IN DETAIL

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Maths outside the classroom

There are plenty of opportunities for pupils to explore mathematics outside the classroom.

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Maths support

We understand that not every pupil will find maths easy and so support is available in regular maths clinics for those who feel they need a little extra help.