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Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Start of the autumn term in A3

Pupils enrol and then start to participate in activities for the skill, physical and volunteering sections.

  • Skill: 18 or 6 months
  • Physical: 18 or 6 months
  • Volunteering: 12 months (minimum)
  • Residential:  5 days, 4 nights

Time committed must be an average of at least one hour a week to each of the sections during the timescale. NOTE: If you have completed the silver award, you are able to cut the 18 months section down to 12 months

Commitment and responsibility

Only the most motivated pupils will complete the award and it is through the investment of their own energy, and in showing initiative that they will gain the most from the experience.  The school will support and encourage pupils through the process, however both parents and pupils should discuss involvement with the pupil’s tutor and hsm before deciding to take on the challenge.


Please complete the electronic consent form so that we can register pupils onto the Duke of Edinburgh programme. They will then receive their login details to access their online logbook.


Registration: £28 - Added to the autumn term bill

Training/practice expedition:  £250 - Added to the spring term bill

Assessment expedition: £150 - Added to the summer term bill

Residential: Cost dependent on the type of residential experience that pupils participate in. The school does not organise this part of the award; pupils must organise this with their family.

Walking expedition dates 2017-2018

Details of this year's expedition dates can be downloaded below. Please note it is compulsory that pupils wishing to take part in Gold DofE attend the Training & Practice Expedition at the start of the Easter Holidays.


  1. PDF File
    Gold DofE Walking Expedition Kit List
  2. PDF File
    Gold DofE Dates 17-18