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Educational visits

The South-West has a rich classical past in the form of Roman settlements and visible remains. In recent years we have enjoyed visits to the Roman baths at Bath, with work on the diverse range of artefacts in the high-tech museum. To the East we have recently explored Porchester Castle (the Roman fotress guarding Portsmouth, later a Saxon shore fort) and Fishbourne Roman Palace, with its extensive mosaics. To the South we have made visits the well-stocked County Museum of Dorchester, and the nearby Roman Town House site, and Malmbury Rings amphitheatre. 

Outings are arranged to exciting classical events as they arise.  In 2019 our A-Level Greek pupils enjoyed the King's College London performance of Sophocles' Antigone in the ancient Greek. The British Museum's forthcoming "Troy: myth and reality" exhibition is on our programme, while close to home the annual Chalke Valley History Festival regularly inspires pupils with lectures on classical topics. 

The Department is committed to exciting overseas educational visits, and has in recent years taken pupils to Italy (Rome or Pompeii & Naples, or Sicily), while the biennial visit to Greece (Athens, Delphi, Olympia, the Argolid) has become a popular and highly rewarding regular fixture.