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How to make your very own Bryopoly Board

Do you fancy a trip to Café? Are you missing free tea? Don’t you just wish you were back in soc? Well, wish no longer, we’re bringing Bry to you! 

With your very own Bryopoly board game you will feel like you’re back at Bry. It has all your favourite places and features a few familiar faces.

All you need is a printer, scissors and some card (and ideally your own Monopoly set, from which you can borrow the money, die, and playing pieces)

Here is how you can make your very own board:

STEP 1: Print off the downloadable files below onto A4 card (or paper if you do not have card).

STEP 2: You should now have four board pieces, three sheets of property cards and four sheets of chance and community chest cards.

STEP 3: Cut out all of the cards and the Bryopoly board.

STEP 4: To construct the board you will have to line up the four pieces and to make the board sturdier you can glue it to cardboard (anything you have in the house will do, two cereal boxes will work great!)

Now you’re ready to play!

By Mini M