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Charity work continues at Bryanston 

Pupils recently got involved with local charity, Blandford CARES, to collect and sort donations to help and support refugees. Here is a report from two of the pupils involved.

The Bryanston community have been donating clothes, shoes and other useful items, such as blankets and books, to help and support refugees. Each boarding house asked for donations to support the work of Blandford CARES. This group was originally set up to provide aid to the Calais jungle, but is now continuing supplies to Turkey, Greece and the Syrian border. Our job was to sort the clothes and shoes into women's, men's and children's clothing and package them all accordingly. We managed to fully pack over 30 big bin bags. The clothes were then delivered to the United Reformed Church in Blandford, to be boxed and transferred to the refugee camps.

A great job done and thank you to all involved!

By Claudia N and Alice P