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Bryanston in support of the good work at the XLP charity

Humanity and family is just one of the guiding principles that Bryanston holds at the core of its activities, with a commitment to care for humanity and to contribute to the wider world. It is this continuing commitment which has seen Bryanston recently support the XLP charity.

Upon leaving his post at the end of the last school year, the Rev. Canon Andrew Haviland chose to donate the balance of the chapel collections (a total of £1,774) to XLP. This act was in response to a presentation about the charity by pupil Bryanna A, then in D, which evidently made a significant impression on our former Chaplain.

XLP stands for ‘The eXceL Project’, which works to create positive futures for young people. A registered charity since 1996, XLP have grown to serve more than 75 schools in the London area where they are at the cutting edge of urban youth work.