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A2 pupils design clothing for local pilates studio

As part of their Fashion Design and Pattern Cutting ECA (extra-curricular activity), two A2 pupils have contributed to a range of clothing now being sold by a local pilates and wellness studio.  

Chloe E and India F have been busy studying fashion design and pattern cutting as an ECA with Bryanston's Wardrobemistress, Rowena.

Studio Zest, a pilates and wellness studio in Tisbury, were looking to create and sell a set of studio clothes and, via Rowena, asked to collaborate with the girls to design some sweatshirts, t-shirts and warm-up clothing.

Each of the girls produced two pages of ideas and both had an idea incorporated into the final designs. It then moved very quickly and took just three weeks for the clothing to go from the first design to being available to buy in the studio.

Studio Zest prides itself on wellness and fitness and not body image or unreal expectations, which made it a great fit as a design project for the pupils.

The studio is very keen to collaborate again in some way and were delighted with the drawings. Mark and Kate Bender, owners of the studio, treated the whole thing as a professional enterprise with relevant constructive feedback.