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Fencing vs Dauntsey's

On Saturday Bryanston hosted a fencing match against Dauntsey's who were aged from year seven to sixth form

Eight fencers competed for Bryanston: Merlin R, Tom L, Solly D, Adam S, Tom H, Aaron PS, Sandy O and Nico H. Each fencer fenced every other participant, and a remarkable total of 74 separate bouts were played. Each pair chose which weapon, sabre, epee or foil, to use, depending on experience and they managed and scored the bouts themselves. All the participants are to be congratulated on their fine attitude and good sportsmanship.

Given the disparity in team sizes, a bit of averaging out was needed to get a result. With more victories than defeats overall, Bryanston won. It was a good afternoon and we hope this will become a more regular fixture.