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Bryanston offers new and exciting ECA, 'Buddies without Borders'

Bryanston is the only school in the UK to offer 'Buddies without Borders', a new extra-curricular offering.

Buddies without Borders is a new and exciting ECA for Bryanston, run by Global Education Destinations.

We have just completed our first term of offering this to pupils.

Over the last year, a number of pupils have had a great experience in individual online forums, and were keen to start a school club. International Universities Advisor Lisa Kearney introduced some pupils to the forums and Bryanna A and Issy W pushed the idea of setting up a club.

Lisa Kearney commented: "We're proud to be the first and only school in the UK to have its own club, and we have this opportunity due to the incredible participation of our pupils. BWB Clubs are only offered to schools with pupils who have successfully completed a Buddies Without Borders Online Forum and been nominated by their coaches for the Pioneer Award. It is an ideal ECA for pupils considering international applications as the skills they will develop are highly regarded."

Buddies Without Borders is a pupil-run ECA, and both Bryanna and Issy have commented how fun and rewarding it is to work in close contact with a reputable organisation where pupils get to meet like-minded students from all around the world to participate in local action projects. 

The Buddies Without Borders motto is 'Think Globally, Act Locally'. International mindedness is best learned through cross-cultural friendship and global citizenship. 

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