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pupils gain valuable advice at fifth Bryanston Business Conference

Pupils from Bryanston and Sherborne schools took part in specialist workshops given by visiting speakers at the fifth annual Bryanston Business Conference on Friday 23 June.

During the Business Conference pupils attended four different workshops, each of which looked at a specific aspect of business from product and design, marketing and branding to artificial intelligence and change management.

In addition, Design and Technology pupils were given the valuable opportunity of presenting their A level project work to one of the world’s foremost designers and an Old Bryanstonian himself, Sebastian Conran. He gave each pupil a highly valuable critique of their proposals and offered some recommendations of key areas to address and focus upon.

Speakers talked to pupils about their views on what the world may look like for them. A key message from the event included investing in transferrable skills that will enable pupils to adapt to an ever-changing world of work.

A look into the impact of artificial intelligence centred on the rapid onset of self-driving vehicles, which could mean that the current generation of 17 and 18-year-olds may have the shortest driving licences in history. 

We are immensely grateful to the speakers for supporting pupils in this way:

  • Sebastian Conran, Creative Principal at Sebastian Conran Associations
  • Claire Dresser, Business Partner: Corporate & Commercial, Nations & North, TV & Radio, BBC Design and Engineering at the BBC
  • Arabella Lewis-Smith, Managing Director, Founder and Principal of Salad Brand+Communication
  • Matthew Richardson, Founder and Chief Executive of Shaping Tomorrow