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IB pupils researching impressive range of topics for their Extended Essays

As we near the end of the summer term A3 pupils (year 12) studying the IB Diploma are busy researching for their Extended Essays (EE).

The EE, an in-depth study of a topic from one of their six IB subjects, is an integral part of a pupil’s IB Diploma Programme. As an independent piece of research, it is excellent preparation for higher education.

Having selected their topic and research question, and carried out their research this term and last, IB pupils will now spend the summer break working on the first draft of their EE. In the autumn term their EE supervisor will provide detailed feedback on the draft to enable pupils to get the best possible outcome.

This year’s cohort of A3 IB pupils have selected an impressively broad range of topics to research covering Psychology, Economics, English, Biology, History and Film, including:

  • How does musical training affect cognition (intelligence/memory)?
  • Which factors influence the placebo effect?
  • To what extent is the Stanford Prison Study an adequate explanation of what happened in the Holocaust?
  • To what extent does attachment disorder, caused by adoption, influence mental illness?
  • Does Germany use the weak Euro to export more and is the balance of payments surplus a threat to the country's economy?
  • How might BREF affect the European power industry?
  • Impact of history on literature in America in the 1960s 
  • Is the carbon cycle doing enough to remove carbon based pollutants from our atmosphere?
  • To what extent was Gorbachev responsible for the fall of Communism in Poland and Hungary?
  • To what extent was Guernica a turning point in the Spanish Civil War?
  • To what extent are Amazing Grace, 12 Years A Slave, Roots (1977) and Roots (2016) an accurate representation of the events and abolition of the Slave Trade?
  • How is Quentin Tarantino an auteur and how does this impact on his films?

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