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Bryanston Business Conference 2016

With a shock referendum result jolting the world awake on Friday 24 June, A3 pupils spent the day participating in a series of workshops led by visiting entrepreneurs and business leaders at the fourth annual Bryanston Business Conference.

From learning about the intricacies of setting up a specialist tea service business, to drawing up finance models, pupils were given the opportunity to hear first-hand about the highs and lows of building a vibrant and successful business and what pitfalls they might encounter along the way.

They enjoyed trying out their own skills in a number of different commercial areas such as brand marketing and creating ideas for social enterprises.

The final session took place in the Elder Concert Hall where pupils participated in a Q&A panel comprising six guest speakers and chaired by Bryanston’s Head of Economics, Ben Leigh.

Pupils also heard about an exciting new opportunity that will mean that they can apply for seed funding if they have a business idea that they are passionate about developing – Bryanston’s et nova et vetera (ENEV) Fund.

The conference was closed by the Head, Sarah Thomas, who urged pupils to think about developing businesses that would enable them to shape their own future and have a positive impact in whatever world was around them.

Bryanston would like to extend its most grateful thanks to all the inspiring guest speakers who gave so generously of their time and experiences:

Blackrock                                                         James Burrell
Comins Tea Houses                                          Michelle Comins
Folk2Folk                                                         Jane Dumeresque
Highclere International Investors                        Ed Makin
Notarianni Glass                                              Charlie Macpherson
Pi Ltd                                                              Jonathan Fianu
Pops                                                               Harry Clarke
Ratio                                                               Tara Flynn
Salad                                                               Bella Lewis-Smith
Shaping Tomorrow                                           Matthew Richardson
The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Ltd                 Diana Parkes, BSc, BSc, MBPsS
Yes Education                                                   Carly Ward

and Entrepreneur/Investors                               Allan Edwards
                                                                     Alison Kyle

A photo gallery of images from the day can be found here.