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D Regatta 2016

The D Regatta took place over the weekend and, despite the torrential rain, there were over 20 side-by-side races comprising ten J14 quads; four J14 Double Sculls; four J14 Single Sculls; six JW14 Single Sculls; four JW Double Sculls; six J15 Single Sculls; and four J15 Double Sculls. 

The pupils displayed a very good demonstration of their depth and talent in rowing with a number of the winning crews showing a high level of potential for the future.

Over 80 spectators turned up along the river to watch pupils race and a small ceremony took place for the naming of the new Coxless Four/Quad by its namesake, Annabel Eyres (OB)


The winners for each race were:

  • J14 1x: Lennon HW
  • WJ14 1x: Moley C
  • J15 1x: Freddie F
  • J14 2x: Rafe H/Angus P
  • WJ14 2x: Darcy H/Saskia L
  • J15 2x: Tom D/Toby K
  • WJ14 4x+: Matilda L/Daisy C/Anna DB/Moley C/Cox - Saskia L
  • J14 4x+: Lennon HW/Kit C/JJ S/Angus P/Cox - Charlie E

Congratulations to you all and well done for battling the elements!