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Bryanston pupils compete in regional finals of the UKMT team maths challenge

On Wednesday 2 March four D pupils competed in the prestigious regional final of the 2016 Team Maths Challenge organised by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT).

The final of the 2016 UK Team Maths Challenge was held at Parkstone Grammar School and consisted of four rounds with 18 teams from across the south west taking part. Bryanston partnered with Port Regis Prep School and were able to field two teams, one of which featured Bryanston pupils George P and Eleanor P, and the other Freddie F and Elsa W.

After a slow start in the opening group round, both Bryanston teams were pleased with their performance in the second round. At this stage they were back amongst the leading schools and looking forward to the afternoon rounds.

After lunch came the shuttle round, where George and Eleanor performed particularly well.

The afternoon culminated in the frenetic relay round. The final round was hampered when the teams had to evacuate the hall due to a fire alarm. After a 15-minute interlude, the competition recommenced and the teams waited excitedly for the final results.

At the end of the competition certificates were awarded to both Bryanston teams for their contribution and efforts, and the way the pupils conducted themselves against some stiff competition was particularly impressive.