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Sixth Form ambassadors address gender inequality

At the end of the Summer term, Sixth Form ambassadors from Bryanston and The Blandford School delivered a series of discussion workshops for Year 6 pupils from primary schools in the Blandford Schools’ Network, including Spetisbury, Durweston, Pimperne, Milldown and Dunbury, as well as Bryanston Knighton House.

Bold Voices Ambassador Anoushka A, overseeing a workshop with pupils from Durweston CE VA Primary School.

The workshops were designed to encourage primary school children to learn how to recognise, challenge and address issues that directly and indirectly fuel gender inequality in society. The workshops were the focus of a Nurturing Equality Festival organised by the youth-led social enterprise, Bold Voices, as the culmination of its year-long gender equality education programme working with pupils at Bryanston. The festival has brought younger and older pupils together to develop awareness and skills that will help minimise the risk of gender inequality overshadowing the lives of the next generation. 

“Gender inequality and gender-based violence have plagued society for far too long, but changing behaviours and attitudes is a progressive process and there is no doubt that the real solutions lie in the voices of the next generation,” says Natasha Eeles, the Founder of Bold Voices. “Having worked closely with pupils at Bryanston for the past year we've seen their passion and engagement in every interaction. This pioneering festival is an excellent way to see and celebrate the power of that participation and pupil voice in a way that provides practical support for young children who are about to make such an important transition to secondary school."

The workshops were led by facilitators from Bold Voices and the Sixth Form ambassadors. They encouraged open discussion around the challenges associated with gender inequality and the importance of taking personal responsibility to address the issues that can directly and indirectly normalise sexual prejudice, stereotypes and violence.