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Classical Storytelling in the Greek Theatre

On a perfect warm and still evening the Classics Department gathered at Bryanston’s Greek Theatre for a memorable evening of classical storytelling.

We began with a delicious Mediterranean-style lamb and halloumi meal, produced beside the theatre by our amazing Catering Department. We were pleased to be joined by a large contingent from Bryanston Knighton House, who added to the buzz of excitement and anticipation. 

The after-dinner entertainment was a memorable telling of the Trojan War’s origins by professional storyteller Daniel Morden. 

Daniel has visited our Greek Theatre on many occasions, not always accompanied by such good weather, so it was an absolute pleasure to hear him telling his version of the complicated relationships and power struggles which resulted in the Trojan War. He kept the audience enthralled, and involved them with questions as his narrative unfolded. 

Storyteller Daniel Morden

It was a particular delight to see the different responses of an audience with a wide age-range, ending with some thought-provoking questions about the art of oral storytelling. What a joy to be using this historic outdoor venue again for such an appropriate occasion!