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Pupils excel at Ten Tors challenge

At the weekend we entered two teams into the Ten Tors event – a team of six from the C year group into the 35-mile challenge and a team of six from the A3 year group into the 45-mile challenge.

A3 group on the 45-mile Ten Tors challenge

2,500 pupils from over 450 establishments took part this year, marking the 60th anniversary of the challenge.

Head of Outdoor Education & Pioneering Mr Curry commented: “Both sets of pupils excelled themselves. The two days are an incredibly tough ordeal, with groups walking far more than the category distance which is only calculated by a straight line between checkpoints and the Ten Tors.”

The A3s walked 60km on the Saturday, arriving at a suitable wild camp site at 22:15pm. Waking up at 04:30am to break camp, the team completed a further 30km on the Sunday.

The Cs started off at top speed and there was concern from the staff tracking their progress online that this would be too fast. We were soon proved wrong when in fact they maintained the pace all day on Saturday, arriving at their 8th Tor and the limit of the allowed distance on day 1, far ahead of most of the other groups. Departing their supervised camp at 6am, the earliest they are allowed to leave, the Cs finished at 10:42am, the first team back from their group and finishing in style.

C group on the 35-mile Ten Tors challenge

Mr Curry added: “The pupils in both groups limped across the finish line, complete with blisters, sore backs, aching limbs but overall, a huge sense of satisfaction. The pupils all demonstrated a high level of teamwork, camaraderie, mental strength, physical fitness, and pure stubbornness to complete the challenge. It has always been inspirational to watch how far the pupils are willing to push themselves, this year was no different.”

Congratulations to the following A3s: Adam S (Team Leader), Jamie P, Jasper L, Alex G, Minty P and Tilly C.

Congratulations to the following Cs: Tom P (Team Leader), Lemar A, Xavier A, Jack O, Farley M and Erin P.