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Pupils step forward to run ECAs during remote learning

During the lockdown of the Spring term, more than 25 of our pupils took the initiative and decided to run their own extra-curricular activities (ECAs).

Wilf W - Calligraphy ECA

Our ECA programme continued to offer a huge variety of activities for pupils to choose from despite being at home, including knitting, dog training, upcycling clothes and stock market trading.

Dance has continued - Anouk H-E, Annie L and Poppy C

Headmaster Mark Mortimer commented: “I’m so proud of all our pupils who stepped forward and volunteered to run ECAs this term during remote leaning. They demonstrated an inspiring example of selflessness and leadership and I’m truly grateful.

“However well-attended or popular their ECA has been, is irrelevant. What matters is their willingness to contribute, to put themselves forward and to make a difference. That is what is so impressive and that is the attitude that I really admire.”

A3-led Photography ECA
Lexi F v G-H's 'The Curious Dog' - photographed through a toilet roll for lockdown relevance