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Bryanston's weekly String Club meets a variety of guest OB string players

Since half term, the weekly String Club has been very fortunate to meet a variety of guest OB string players. 

In week 6, Kate Simpson (OB violinist) talked about her experience as a first-year music scholar at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. She led an excellent practical session on leading and communicating in ensembles. 

In week 7, Alma Orr-Ewing (OB violist) spoke about her experience studying viola at Birmingham Conservatoire following on from a joint degree at university and led a thought-provoking practical session on improving coordination between the fingers in each hand. 

In week 8, a much bigger group of OBs met to share thoughts collectively. These included Kate Simpson (OB violinist), Evie Coplan (OB cellist), Johannes Reinhuber (OB violinist), Freddie Frostwick (OB violinist/violist), Alma Orr-Ewing (OB violist), Valerie Chiu (OB violinist) and Izzy Morshead (OB violinist). Topics discussed included how to mentally prepare yourself when practising and performing and how to approach tension particularly as violinists. 

On Wednesday 24 June, most of these OBs will be performing in the Strings Summer Showcase and it will be particularly inspiring for current pupils to see what is achievable with continued perseverance and practice. You can watch the concert on our ‘BryLiveSounds’ YouTube page.

By Head of Strings Christina Scott